Back pain

Carpal tunnel

Degenerative disc disease

Dislocation rehabilitation

Golfer's elbow

Joint pains - Arthritis etc

Knee and hip issues

Plantar fasciitis

Post fracture

Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Client education

Cold light laser

Cupping massage

Exercise therapy and home programs

Interferential current

Kinesio taping

Post surgical

Sciatica - nerve impingement

Sports injuries

Strains and sprains

Tendinitis - bursitis

Tennis elbow
TMJ problems
Vertigo - balance issues

Magnetic therapy​

​Manual therapy

Mechanical traction

Myofascial release

Sports injury treatment

TENS - electrical neural stimulation

​Therapeutic ultrasound

Treatment Services

At Strathmore Physiotherapy all patients are initially assessed and advised upon treatment and then given an individualized treatment plan, which may include the following:

examples of injuries treated

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